I used the Nipple Therapy on a Suzuki GT750 calliper set. Thought I was lost with the restoration, with stripped and sheared nipples. You've rescued what I was starting to think were scrap brakes as replacements are just as badly damaged or made of 'unobtainium'. They look quite good too. Thank you!
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Axle Parts Kit

We also offer an AL-KO Axle Parts Kit

Full details here...


AL-KO Axle Repair

This is a fully remanufactured AL-KO rear axle as fitted to Hymer, Ducatto, Swift, etc..

We handle all carriage arrangements - we collect your axle and deliver the remanufactured axle.

A straight forward, no hassle service.

We also repair and renovate KNOTT and BPW axles.

AL-KO Axle Repair

KNOTT Axle Repair

BPW Axle Repair

The following video illustrates

How we remanufacture your axle

The most common cause of failure in these axles would seem to be broken torsion bars.

There is a sequence of events.

  1. The manufacturer fits a grease nipple the sole function of which is to give the owner a warm feeling while doing very little good.
  2. Due to the lack of grease in the right place, The trailing arm bushes wear away and, in turn, wear the trailing arm.
  3. The resulting shoogle (old Scots word) snaps the torsion bar.

This is pre-ordained by the designer.

Cure:  Strip, clean and shotblast axle casing. Fit new bushes and drill axle tube and bushes - importantly the bushes have been manufactured with a 360 degree internal grease track ensuring all around lubrication from the grease nipple. This puts the grease exactly where it needs to be.

Repair worn trailing arms if necessary and grind to size. Assemble with new seals and paint.

This axle is remanufactured to our exacting standards.

We offer a refurbishing service so we collect your axle from literally anywhere, in this country or abroad, refurbish it in 2 days and return.

We use TNT and DHL for a very efficient collection and return service. From collection to return takes 5 - 6 days for the UK and slightly longer for overseas.

Axle variations

There are two major variations in these axles in regard to the type of torsion bar employed. You need to be sure which type you require before placing an order. Please note: the pricing below refers to the TORSION BARS ONLY and does not include the kit. If you require the bars and the kit, please click here.

(40mm x 40mm cross section)

(+ VAT)

Maltese Cross
(50mm x 50mm cross section)

(+ VAT)

Round Torsion Bars

We now offer round torsion bars for Al-Ko axles. They are made to a very high standard by very competent people. They are sent overnight to mainland UK and on a 2 - 3 day service to the rest of Europe. Cost is £68.00 each. Carriage is £10.00 for any number. Outside UK quoted by return. We use Transglobal Express, who obtain prices from major carriers that we can only dream of.

Which ones to change?
Some customers will change all their bars and others will try to make a more economical job. If any remaining, unbroken bars appear as good as new, there is no reason not to use them again. If they look good they are good. Any which have surface rust and pitting, no matter how small, must be replaced. Pitting is where cracks start.

Left side marked red and blue. Right side marked blue and yellow.

Have your axle completely overhauled wherever you are. We can collect anywhere in Continental Europe and returned as good as new within two weeks.

We send progress photos as the axle goes through the process. You can look over our shoulder as we do your job. It starts with the brutal, hot, dirty work of pulling it apart and cleaning and shotblasting and goes on to reassembling with all the new parts and a nice new coat of paint.

Collection and Delivery

We arrange collection of your old axle and delivery of your remanufactured axle.

We use DHL/TNT who cover the entire UK and charge the same no mater where you are located. Collection from you costs £60.00 and delivery back to you costs the same again, therefore the total carriage cost per order is £120.00

VAT will be added to all prices and a VAT invoice will be issued.

To discuss variations please call 01862 851600 or 07740 511615

This is a fully remanufactured AL-KO rear axle as fitted to Hymer, Ducatto, Swift, etc..


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