I used the Nipple Therapy on a Suzuki GT750 calliper set. Thought I was lost with the restoration, with stripped and sheared nipples. You've rescued what I was starting to think were scrap brakes as replacements are just as badly damaged or made of 'unobtainium'. They look quite good too. Thank you!
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AL-KO Axle Stub Pins

There is a new phenomenon in the caravan axle world. Careless mechanics are cross threading the one time nut on the stub pin and rendering the whole axle useless.

Phenomenon? It is, when it costs £2000 to fix!

The thread is quite fine and a combination of a moment’s inattention and a powerful impact wrench can be disastrous. Al-Ko’s cure is to supply a new axle. Two customers this week (at the time of writing) have been quoted £2000 for fitting a replacement axle

Axles made in the last few years have detachable stub pins. They are simple to change and are a complete cure but are not available from the manufacturer.

We now produce replacement stub pins for Al-Ko axles.

They cost £80 + VAT with TNT shipping overnight at £12 + VAT.

They come in two sizes - for bearing diameters 39 and 34 mm as shown in the images below.

Welded Stub Pins

For caravan and trailer axles with welded stub pins we offer a repair service to bring an otherwise scrap axle back into service.

The trailing arm is removed from the axle and set up in a machine where the old pin is machined out. A new pin is turned, pressed in and welded.

That is the good news. The bad news is that the arm has to be re-fitted with new rubbers along with the ones at the other end.

It must be cost effective because we do this a lot.

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