I used the Nipple Therapy on a Suzuki GT750 calliper set. Thought I was lost with the restoration, with stripped and sheared nipples. You've rescued what I was starting to think were scrap brakes as replacements are just as badly damaged or made of 'unobtainium'. They look quite good too. Thank you!
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How to prepare and send us your motorhome axle

Full details here...



How to prepare and send us your caravan axle

The images below illustrate a packaging method approved by TNT.

  • Please remove brakes and, if possible, the back plates.

  • Frame to be about 1 inch bigger all round. Please use cardboard or bubble wrap on sharp edges and cover with plastic. Any plastic will do - bin liners, pallet wrap, bubble wrap - as long as the driver cannot see dirty metal and refuse to take it.

  • Please scribble your name on the axle tube with a felt pen so we know who it's from.

If you intend to remove the axle yourself, click here to see my film for helpful hints on safety and technique.

We can collect the axle from you, refurbish it, and return it within a working week.

The cost is £480.00 plus VAT which includes TNT collection and delivery.

For your part, I would ask you to remove the brakes and mount it on a simple wooden frame for transport. See photographs below for guidance.

If you are removing the axle yourself, please take a look at this video which shows how to do it safely.

We dismantle the axle and shot blast and paint the trailing arms, which otherwise always look rusty and horrible.

The axle is assembled with new rubber and the alignment is checked.

There is always room for more rubber in these axles and, by adding up to two inches of extra rubber, we can increase the carrying capacity by up to 10%.

There is no extra charge for this if you request it. Please note: This will not increase your legal capacity.

How to print out the dispatch address label

Please type your name and postcode in the "Sender's Name" and "Postcode" fields, print and affix this label to the parcel. In the unlikely event of the TNT label coming off, there will be no delay.

Sender's name:

Note: if when you view it you notice an error, press the back buton and redo.

Axle Palletising

The following images are intended to illustrate how to prepare your axle for dispatch in accordance with the notes above.

We also offer a full rebuild service with grease nipple modification and more - Full details here...

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