I used the Nipple Therapy on a Suzuki GT750 calliper set. Thought I was lost with the restoration, with stripped and sheared nipples. You've rescued what I was starting to think were scrap brakes as replacements are just as badly damaged or made of 'unobtainium'. They look quite good too. Thank you!
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IRS (Independent Rubber Suspension) Axle Repairs

Old age doesn't come alone ...


Rubber axles. Also known as IRS Independent Rubber Suspension are fitted to motorhomes, caravans and trailers.

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Motorhomes and caravans in particular spend their lives - often twenty or thirty years - almost fully loaded. The axles are under constant stress and the rubber cords inside, which carry the load, are squashed from round to oval. After a time, oval becomes their new shape and the vehicle slumps nearer the ground. Usually the axle is in good condition otherwise and a “Re-rubbering” will breathe new life into it.

Image 1

Image 2

OLD/NEW Illustration

Image no. 1 shows three cords removed from one end of an Al-KO caravan axle. The caravan was twenty two years old and the rubber had lost it’s shape and bounce.

Image no. 2 shows the new cords. They are round, and, because rubber technology has moved on in the last twenty years, they will last longer than the originals.

Collection and Delivery

We asked TNT to collect this axle in Cornwall on a Monday. They brought it to us in The Highlands - we fixed it and it was back in Cornwall on Thursday.

For an instant quote please call or email.

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Mainland Europe:

We offer quick turnaround for axles for any EU country. Transport costs are very good. For 100 euros (50 euros each way) we can collect an axle in Europe and return it reconditioned in 10 days.

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