I used the Nipple Therapy on a Suzuki GT750 calliper set. Thought I was lost with the restoration, with stripped and sheared nipples. You've rescued what I was starting to think were scrap brakes as replacements are just as badly damaged or made of 'unobtainium'. They look quite good too. Thank you!
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Nipple Therapy -
The incredibly simple and affordable solution to broken bleed nipples. Now there is no need to throw away perfectly good brake calipers.  Instead, fit NIPPLE THERAPY in a few minutes and save yourself the cost of a new caliper.
 Keep a kit on the shelf and hold on to your sanity - that's the 'therapy'!
This kit contains one purpose-engineered drill, one tap and an initial stock of SIX Nipple Therapy inserts and nipples.  We sell top-up packs of inserts and nipples after you've used up these six.
To see it in practice, watch this
Working on brakes on older vehicles is probably one of the most unpleasant jobs a mechanic can do. Between seized bolts, sticky pistons, fiddly clips and springs and broken bleed nipples, he must wonder if the foreman still loves him when he is given a brake job.
The worst, of course, is a broken bleed nipple. A straightforward job stops dead when they shear off.  Drilling out the remains of a broken nipple is rarely successful so a replacement is ordered.
The cost of the job increases, the ramp is tied up and a lot of other jobs run late.
Now  Nipple Therapy is at hand to repair the damage and fit a new nipple in under five minutes.
1.  Drill out the broken part of the old nipple.
2. Tap the new hole.
3. Screw in Nipple Therapy
Nipple Therapy Kit in wooden box  (up to 8mm) £70.00 plus VAT.
Nipple Therapy Kit in wooden box  (up to 10mm) £70.00 plus VAT.
Insert assembly - Insert, bleed nipple and copper washer. 
Bag of 5 £25.00 plus VAT
Bag of 10  £45.00 plus VAT
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