I used the Nipple Therapy on a Suzuki GT750 calliper set. Thought I was lost with the restoration, with stripped and sheared nipples. You've rescued what I was starting to think were scrap brakes as replacements are just as badly damaged or made of 'unobtainium'. They look quite good too. Thank you!
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1906 Austin

Cylinder Head Inspection and Welding Repair

A progress report on the rescue of a cylinder head for a 1906 Austin. The pictures are of four cylinder blocks/heads for a 1906 Austin. They came from Australia and were done for James Gray of Fraserburgh

The project involved non destructive testing for cracks and flaws, cleaning out of damaged areas and welding repairs.

The first set of photos show the initial inspection to determine the extent of the damage.

The first three photos show the castings being crack checked using MPI (magnetic particle inspection). A magnetic field is created where a crack is seen or suspected using a powerful magnet.

A fine mist of yellow magnetic powder is sprayed over the area. The powder is attracted to the break in continuity and either shows an unknown crack or the extent of one that is already visible.

Where the human eye says a crack stops is usually a bit short of where it actually stops.

Please note the condition of the threads for the water jacket cover.

The last two photos show the area around the exhaust valve guide.

Next, preparation for welding.

The castings are prepared for welding with an angle grinder and die grinder. For other castings we may use a milling machine. A large gap is required to ensure a full penetration weld.

Note the thread has been removed.

Welding complete - ready for testing.

Castings cleaned up and ready for pressure testing. Note the metal for the thread has been replaced and is ready for machining. The guide boss has been fettled and a new guide made and fitted.

All done!

All machining and testing complete and castings primed.


Small brass coolant tubes made and fitted. Ready to ship.

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